2012 - A Modern Day Noah's Ark (Arks rather)

2010 Movie, Apocalypse, end of the worldLast Friday the 13th, a couple of friends and I agreed to watch 2012. It's a cool idea to see it on a Friday the 13th because it somehow added up an extra dread to me while I was watching it.

The movie as what you have seen on the trailer, is indeed a disaster movie with an "end of the world" some sort of effect and there are a lot of scenes that will leave you breathless. There is no question about the cinematography because for me, it was perfectly engineered and the effects are great.

I was literally shivering and a bit teary eyed somewhere on the first part of the movie and freaked out even more when the ground started cracking up, eating all the houses and knocking down the tall buildings everywhere. It really felt real and I'm still having the chills up to now while writing about it.

Well, enough of it so as not to sound like a spoiler. The bottom line here is you really need to see the movie and watch how the dog made it to the ark (hahaha). But seriously, it's a must-see masterpiece.

A quote from the movie:
"The moment we stop fighting for each other, that's the moment we lose our humanity."