4G Technology - Fast and Clear Wireless Internet

We have witnessed the exponential popularity of the wireless Internet today as almost every gadget is capable of having this feature. Some of the most popular technologies that we use today are HSDPA, HSUPA and 3G. And now, there is yet again another upgrade for these systems which is the 4G Wireless Internet. This technological advancement is being enhanced in most parts of the United States so that mobile persons will have an easy and reliable access to the internet. Wireless 4G is purely based on a concept that is purely compatible to that of WIMAX which is able to produce a data rate of 3 Mps.

Clear Wireless Internet 4G just recently took over into this expertise as they provide an astounding and very powerful clearwire connection that you can enjoy wirelessly at anywhere you are. In fact, they are offering Clear Broadband Internet package options that will match your lifestyle. One is a mobile package that will better suit people who travel a lot. And the second package is a Home Internet useful for home or office buddies using an ordinary PC with a modem.

In fact, the Clear Boise 4G connection is actually being offered being one of the major cities in Idaho. You can actually check on their site for more information on how to avail their Clear Wireless Internet service on a particular city you're at.