An Early Christmas Thought

Santa Claus, Christmas Sale, SM Mall, New Year's Resolution, GiftThe Christmas spirit is now starting to invade us, boosting up our spirit of peace and love. Just the thought of it already brings emotion, joy and excitement especially to children. For most of us, we find it as a time of the year to meet again old friends, relatives and our elderly.

And certainly, Christmas will never be complete for kids without Santa Claus, his reindeers, the Christmas tree and the socks hung all over the house. For it was engraved into their minds that Christmas is a time to make wishes and have their dreams come true.

But let us not forget that the most important thing about the occasion is the spirit of sharing - let us share all the blessings that we harvested all throughout the year and let us not forget to be thankful for what God has given us.

I hope that the essence of the season will go on all year and allow us to grow closer everyday as a great community of a thousand faces and facets, but with one heart with God.

Best wishes for all and advanced Happy Holidays!