The Ever Popular Karaoke Sing-along Tradition

Karaoke, Videoke, Sing-along, Magic Sing MicrophoneI was raised in a family who loves music and singing. Music is a part of everyone's tradition and it is one of our soulful treasures that make us unique and rich in family ties and values. Gatherings and celebrations will never be complete without sing-along. I guess every family can relate to this as well. Filipinos are known for their love for videoke session with matching beer and finger food on the side.

Almost everybody loves to sing with the karaoke machine. I really can't explain it but people seem to get addicted with it once they get hold of the mic. My brother even bought a magic sing from the time it was released so he can brag to his friends that he was among the few who got the magic microphone first. This is why Singstar is getting in the limelight of fame and considered as the world's popular free karaoke site. The site is so easy to manipulate because you can instantly access the songs and no need to download them. With Singstar, as long as you have your browser with you and a reliable connection, you can sing your heart out and even battle to singing with people from around the world.