Fantasy-Themed Hotel Rooms with a Modern Feel

Most hotels and resorts are finding ways to stand out among all others and attract a lot of guests. This is the reason for themed suites that are intended to carry different styles and motifs to conform to the taste of guests and give them that distinctive feel in the setting.

These sample themed suites from Contemporist are designs by Chemical Spaces. The foremost picture is a Miami Blue Suite with a party approach in a contemporary, airy atmosphere as if you really are in Miami. The custom designed minimalist fixtures along with the sconce lighting and mirrored ceiling niches go perfectly with the overall ambience.

The next picture is a Tree Line Suite that brings out the smell of nature with its hand-picked colors of tree branches creating a vision of a tree line in the center. To neutralize the earth color and improve the contrast, they put up a blue mural hand-painted art that runs to opposite walls and the ceiling plus the inclusion of a blue light to emphasize the painting.