Feel Super Trouper with Mamma Mia The Musical in Sydney

I have always been a fan of musical plays. And Mamma Mia, the Movie is one of the best film musicals I have even seen. Apart from the fact that I love every ABBA songs, the lead stars played by Meryl Streep and Amanda Seyfried really did a good job and gave justice to the popular musical play as well.

Set on a beautiful Greek island, the story is centered on Donna (played by Streep) and daughter Sophie (Seyfried) who's about to get married and wants her father to be present on that special day in her life whom she had never met. While on her quest to searching for her dad, she was surprised to found out on her mother's diary that she has three possible fathers. Determined to meet her dad, she sent invitations to all three of them without telling her mother. And from then, the story line runs on a combination of fun, excitement and melody. You will surely get a last song syndrome after seeing it.

Who could Sophie's real father be? Witness this beautiful story and find out. Now is the perfect time to see Mamma Mia, the musical. Now in Sydney. Get your reservations now for the whole family. Tickets available at TicketMaster Australia.