Guide to Web Hosting for Beginners

Since a lot of my friends have asked me questions about web hosting, I will go over it again on this post but this time, I will make it a little bit elementary and simple so that beginners will get a hitch on it quickly.

What is website hosting? It is simply a way to make a web page available to internet users all over the web by allotting a dedicated space. It uses a main storage called web server in storing the contents and housing your site's documents. Web hosting companies uses a very sophisticated technology to link their web servers to the Internet making it accessible to everyone.

Apart from reserving a space in the Web for your site, web hosts also provide additional services that you can enjoy for free like free email services and technical support in helping you troubleshoot in case a problem occurs.

Upon subscribing to a web hosting package, all you need to do is to have your site designed according to your criteria and start uploading them to your web server. After doing this, your page should already be accessible to users anywhere in the Web.

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