Mazda, Kia and Mitsubishi Car Reviews

As an auto enthusiast, I always find myself attending to car shows and researching online about the latest in automobile technology. One of the sites that I trust when it comes to vehicle reviews and opinion is because of their reliable and professional ride reviews. I was browsing through the site today and allow me share three gorgeous rides: the MazdaSpeed3, Kia Forte Koup and the 2009 Mitsubishi Lancer.

mazda mazdaspeed3The mazda mazdaspeed3 is purely based on the sporty mazda3 however, MS3 has a firm structure and produces less road noise. It also showcases a better security and safety features. What I like about the MS3 is its strong character for the back roads at the same time, ideal for those who have tight budget.

kia forte koupI fell in love with kia forte koup because of its very simple and elegant exterior styling fit for the corporate world. But I didn't like much the clutch coordination for manual transmission. One striking feature also is its engine delivers more than adequate acceleration.

2009 mitsubishi lancerLast is the mitsubishi lancer that is well known for its smooth transmission action and a sharp and responsive handling. The exterior look of this Lancer model is kind of similar to that of the Evolution projecting a sporty and attractive stand.