November Trip Madness from British Airways

Exploring the many different parts of the world has always been my dream. I love to travel and in my own little ways, I try to explore the country and go to many different provinces.

Europe is one my dream destinations and I want to visit the century old infrastructures and buildings that I grew up to be only seeing on books and history channels.

And regarding this, British Airways is currently running great deals and promotions this November that will sure be perfect for those who are thinking of getting a holiday vacation. BA's November Seat Sale offers flight and accommodation packages to the most traveled countries like London/Europe, the Middle East, India, Africa and a whole lot more.

The air travel packages are so affordable in fact, roundtrip airfares between New York and London costs only at around $458. Aside from this promo, BA also features an "Upgraded" experience to customers such as their 200+ on-demand entertainment options, world class service with the most comfortable trip experience because of their high standard seats fully equipped with the latest in technology and many others you are sure to enjoy.

To qualify for this promo, you should book on or before November 19, 2009.