On Rugs and Interior Design

There is no better decoration in scheming and adding character to a typical room than area rugs or carpets. I prefer rugs since they can be easily moved and cleaned down unlike the carpets that will cover the entire floor's surface. Most interior designers consider rugs as one of the top house requirement in assembling their designs. By using rugs, you will be able to play with colors and the overall theme of the house since you have much freedom to choose what type or pattern will better match the motif you are trying to bring out.

Rugs and Carpets for Interior DesignWhen getting the right rug pattern or design, you must first have the whole idea in mind to prevent mismatch. And since rugs are not as cheap as ice cream, you don't want spend a lot buying many just for you to choose one. One effective advice is to have a sketch of the whole plan with the addition of color so you can better see which better goes to which. You also have to find out on which part of the house will the rug be used – for example, if it will be used plainly as a decoration, or simply something that will just serve its purpose as a rug.

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