Overwhelmed by Her Excitement and Determination

Katie, one of my girl friends is also getting into the gym fad and actually, we had her enrolled today so she could start joining our weekly healthy play sessions. The reason for her sudden cravings for workout is when she noticed that she's getting quite huge and her old clothes does not seem to fit well with her anymore.

I can feel her disappointment and she's really determined to shed those fats. Good thing she still has some of the stretchable, "fit for all sizes" clothes that she could use as a work out apparel. The clothes are just right to use during gym work outs since they are made of cotton that keeps the free flow of air. According to her, the clothes are supposed to be used as Yoga attire as she tried to enroll in a nearby relaxation class then.

And as soon as I got home, I received a call from her and guess what; we talked about the gym thing again and again. Isn't obvious she' excited? (laughs) She's even convincing me to accompany her to the mall tomorrow and look for women's swimsuit as she is planning to have their old pool restored so she can do regular swimming as a part of her slimming process.