Traditional Thai Folk Massage at Royal Siam Spa

Last week, we had a try of Nuad Cha Luey Sak, a traditional Thai Folk body massage at Royal Siam Spa located in Magalang Road, Angeles city. For just 195 Pesos (roughly about $4), you will be pampered with an hour of flexing and stretching by their trained therapists.

It's my first time to try a Thai massage and it was just okay with me. This traditional Thai massage is more of a soothing art that focuses on pressure points and energy lines of the body making you feel relaxed physically, mentally and emotionally. For those who are into Yoga, this massage has similarities with it as it involves bending and stretching of the hands, palms, elbows and feet comparable to Yoga postures.

What I didn't like about Royal Siam is that the therapists are not that well educated when it comes to ethics and values. Why? They kept on chit chatting with each other and even giggling as if we were not there. I hope the management does something about it so as not to discourage customers who pay to relax in the first place.

Nuad Cha Luey Sak (Thai Folk Body Massage) at Royal Siam Spa
Nuad Cha Luey Sak (Thai Folk Body Massage) at Royal Siam Spa

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