Ultrasonic Technology for Electronic Pest Control

When I was a kid, my dad used to make trap cages and ambush holes for pests particularly the disgusting rats and mice. Pests are one big problem at home and no matter how we drive them away, sometimes we cannot seem to control them.

And then there was ultrasonic technology that can be used as an effective way to control pests. Being an engineer, I somehow am familiar with this technology as it is one of the frequency allocations on the higher part of the electromagnetic spectrum that we, electronics major have to deal with and familiarize.

Well enough of the technical part. Ultrasonic repellents are usually electrically powered and produce sound waves that are too high in frequency for the human ear to sense. However, animals and insects are able to detect this range of sound which create disturbance that repel them and prevent them from coming back.

With these technologically advanced gadgets, pests should no longer be a problem at home to any further extent. To know more about how ultrasonic repellents work and the technology behind it, check on Victor® Sonic PestChaser® PRO and their state of the art pests repellent to rodent proof your home.