Visiting the Land of the Pyramids and Sphinx

If you are into historic places and landmarks and you are planning of spending you holidays for a vacation, I suggest you include Egypt as one of you pit stops. I have always been a fan of Egyptian culture and I am hoping that one of these days, I will be able to step on the land and see the great pyramids and the red sand. I have always wanted to see King Tut's golden statue and the sphinx face to face.

Egypt Holiday vacation Self Catering CottagesEgypt is a tourist spot destination perfect for the holiday season not only for their century old infrastructures and sculptures but also because the many wonderful hotel accommodations, Self Catering Holiday Cottages and resorts available through out the country. In fact, a lot of travelers and vacation enthusiasts come to Egypt every year to see the famous pyramids, the deserts and the great ancient architecture designs.

Aside from the ever popular pyramids and deserts, there are endless spot that you all need to see if you are visiting the country. You can drop by at Hurgada and have a look of the Red Sea. Night life and clubbing is also dominant here are you will encounter a lot of classy restaurants and bars in the vicinity. Contrary to popular belief, where everything you will see in Egypt is pure sand and desert, you will find yourself enjoying with a lot of destinations catering to aquatic sports and leisure.

These are just some of the highlights of the beautiful country of Egypt, so if you are thinking where to spend the holidays this year, start making your reservations now and go for the cheap and affordable Self Catered Devon Cottages and Holiday Cottages of Egypt of for the best selection of holiday villas and apartments anywhere in the world.