Voice Over Internet Protocol aka VoIP

Voice Over Internet Protocol, VoIP, Internet telephony, voice over broadband, VoBB, broadband telephony, broadband phoneThe Internet has brought a lot of wonders into today's lifestyle. The way we deal with long distance communication has never been this promising. Right now, telecommunication is possible through a lot of communication media apart from the typical telephone lines. With the advent in information technology, it is now possible to transmit large information files like voice and data over the World Wide Web.

One of the highly advanced communications technology today is the VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) also known as Internet telephony or voice over broadband. In lay man's term, VoIP is a voice messaging application that uses the Internet in the delivery of voice data via packet switched networks. Today, most businesses especially those in the call center industry are using Internet telephony instead of the standard telephone lines because of its many advanced leads. VoIP has a lot of dynamic features like the integration of email and system configuration making it easy to maintain the whole infrastructure.

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