Bidazzled's Bid for a Cause plus FREEBIES for My Readers

I enjoy joining auction sites because I sometimes get amazing products for unbelievably cheap prices. Well not always if there are some other determined bidders who are eager to get the auctioned product as well.

Bidazzled Entertainment Auctions, one of the most renowned in the auction market has an extra-ordinary offer on their services that allows you to save up to 90% on the products that they feature. The best thing here is that Bidazzled is up for a charity cause by funding a lung cancer foundation (The Ruch Foundation).

This is a different kind of auction because nobody loses. Well, if you win, you actually save more than 80% retail and if you don't, you still get a reward of 50 Bonus Bids which is like a big discount for the next item you want to purchase.

In fact, from the time it was launched on November of this year, two winners have already won Nintendo Wii's using only their 5 free bids. So if you want to be a part of this ultimate bidding experience, Bidazzled is rewarding my readers with 15 FREE additional bids which can be used until January 15th. You just have to enter the following codes when you register with them:

Blog: BBP1202A
Twitter: BTP1202A

Hurry and take advantage of this offer and be overwhelmed with their products as well as their referral program.