Got My Very Own Fridge Today!

This week is starting to feel a little boring for me since I have less pending jobs and I am almost done on my last project. Well, it's better this way because I can prepare for Christmas and the New Year celebration.

Sanyo Slim Beauty Refrigerator, SR-S185SBP FridgeYesterday, since I don't have anything to do, I decided to buy a new fridge for my room. I just called Saver's Appliance Depot and purchased the unit via COD (Cash on Delivery). And just this afternoon, my new ref was delivered to me. It's the newest Slim Beauty collection from Sanyo. Perfect for me!

I quickly took some photos of my new fridge and emailed it to my friend who's even more excited than me. Right then and there, she asked me to go online so we could chat about my newly purchased fridge. She asked me to log on to a free chat room which is fast and user-friendly.