Planning a Memorable Proposal and Engagement

I wonder why most of the memorable and happiest moments in life happen only once. If only we could predict when will these moments happen, then we could prepare for it big time and plan on how we can maximize that instant. Some conventional events in our lives are the special occasion that we celebrate with our loved ones like weddings, birthdays, engagement parties, graduations and other treasured moments.

Planning a Memorable Proposal and Engagement, Diamond engagement rings, Planning a Wedding, Tips on how to propose to a womanLet me talk about one particular special moment in our lives that we cannot afford to just let it pass by - the engagement. For a man, this is like one of the challenging parts in his life because he needs to have the courage and strength to propose his intentions to the love of his life. And the proposal process will never be complete without engagement rings. For a woman, this is the climax part of that moment for she feels like a princess being promised for a lifetime by his prince.

One tip to men who are thinking of getting engaged: the holidays is the perfect time to say your proposal and ask the most important question of all - "Will you marry me?".