Portable Player Dock Exlcusively Made for iPhone/iPod

Yamaha PDX-60 Speaker Dock for iPhone or iPodFrom the time Apple invented their wonder devices such as iPhone and iPod (Nano, Touch, etc.), mobile music has become even more popular. Almost everyone nowadays is equipped with headphones, listening to their favorite music while on the streets, in the malls or anywhere. This probably is one of the most successful inventions of man.

Personally speaking, I am also musically inclined and I do also have my iPod Touch music player with me which I bring all the time wherever I go. Music for me is my natural stress reliever and I just listen to it every time I feel burnt out.

Yamaha understands our desire for music that is why they created another innovative device that can be integrated to our iPhones or iPods. It's the newest Yamaha PDX-60 Speaker Dock that is packed with an exclusive Yamaha yAired (a Yamaha trademark) wireless technology so you can instantly connect your iPhone/iPod to it in real-time and get instant high quality sound. My favorite feature of the speaker is its ability to charge the iPod/iPhone from both speaker and cradle. It also has a card-type remote unit for handy iPod functionality.

The speaker comes in four different color variations to match your color preference especially your device.