Taking Social Media to the Next Level

The Internet has always been a part of my lifestyle and went even more important to me from the time I started writing on blogs. It may sound funny but I will not survive a day without having to check on my emails and social networking sites especially Twitter and Facebook.

Blogging is special to me as I am able to express my thoughts all over the world and at the same time, it brings money to me consistently. I must admit that I am even earning more today with SEO and internet marketing as compared to when I was working full time in a Telecom. Right now, all I need to do is sit back, relax and do the things I love while I keep the money from coming in.

Logo_on_whiteRecently, I discovered TwitterHawk, a new Facebook application that I am sure will be of big help on increasing site traffic, number of followers and even maximize earnings. TwitterHawk - Social Media Marketing is a one great tool fit not only for an individual's personal use but also for small business owners that promote their products and services online. The application is designed to scout for your target market on Twitter depending on your preferred topic or location.

TwitterHawk is free to begin with and as you go along, credits can be purchased in packs for just 5 cents per credit. Visit the application's homepage to sign up and learn more.