Transfer Files to Your Computer Wirelessly

Most gadgets today are packed with one of the most popular features from electronic devices - wireless connectivity. A lot of us are probably tired of the bulky and inconvenient wires that we need to bring along to interconnect devices with one another.

I have one annoying experience with cables. I was at school then and we were about to conduct a PowerPoint presentation via a projector. When I was about to take out my USB cable from my bag, it got stuck on the zippers and when I pulled it out, the cable broke down into two and went useless. Unfortunately, no one from our group was bringing any USB cables. We were not able to push through with the presentation and had a grade of zero.

Since then, I avoided using wired USBs so as not to get into trouble again. And recently, I discovered a new cool device from Eye-Fi. It is a wireless SD multi-media card that can be used on cameras and other SD-enabled devices. The SD card is able to store up to 4GB of data which is suitable for your camera when you are outdoors because you can quickly back-up or upload the files on your computer or to social networks like Flickr and Facebook without the need of physical connection.