We're Moving to a New Haven

After more than 2 decades of stay in our good-old house, we finally decided to move to a cozier unit. In fact, we are already set to move next week and we are now packing things up and having them ready for transfer within this week. I feel a mixed emotion of excitement and despair as I am leaving the house where I grew up and about to start another phase in life. I can't help but feel nostalgic about the situation.

And oh, I also need to have my internet transferred to our new location so I can start updating you guys as soon as we get there. Since I frequently stay at home, I am also planning of getting a cable service for a better TV viewing experience. I just wish we have Direct TV service here, because it is one of the most popular digital TV providers in the United States.

My cousin who's living in San Jose has been a long time subscriber of Direct TV in California. And so far, I can feel that she and her family are enjoying the benefits of Directv.