Yamaha PDX-60 Speaker: A Perfect iPod/iPhone Companion

One of the gadgets that I bring with me all the time, aside from my cell phone, is my iPod music player. His name is Sparky and it's been around 3 years since I bought it. So far, it's still functioning just as good as new and I have no plans yet of replacing it with a new upgrade.

As a music lover, my day just can't go on without my iPod with me. Actually, I have already more than a thousand songs saved in it. Every week, I download music online and add them up to my song collections. The demands for iPods continue to increase dramatically because of their unexplainable charisma to the people and of course, their user-friendly interface.

Yamaha PDX-60 Speaker Dock for iPhone or iPod

There is one gadget from Yamaha which I found to be as an ideal present this Christmas. It is a Yamaha PDX-60 Speaker Dock specially designed to offer that ultimate sound experience while enjoying music, movies or games on your iPod or iPhone (I actually did some research about it). Don't underestimate this speaker because it is packed with superb sound quality giving you that well-built, rich and vibrant bass sound.

I really fell in love with the speaker, specifically with its auto power on/off feature and I am eager to own one. The speaker is available in four different colors to match your style and personality. I think I have to add this Yamaha PDX-60 Speaker as well on my Christmas wish list.