Engineer + Writer + Web Guy + Photographer + Entrepreneur = Me

Jaypee David as Jack of all Trades, Marquee Mall pictureAs most of you know, I am an engineering graduate, specifically a bachelor's degree holder in Electronics and Communications Engineering. Soon after graduation, I also got a professional license as an Electronics Engineer of the Republic of the Philippines. At the moment, I am a web developer, social media publisher and a part time engineering consultant - in lay man's term, I do websites, I write and I design engineering stuff you might not be interested with. :) I also do Photography by the way!

And there is yet another title that sooner or later I might be tagged with - an entrepreneur. A friend and I started this venture just this 2010 thinking that it's about time to stop working for big tycoons and start being productive in our own little way, at the same time helping a few people in our community. We will be producing arts and crafts made from local materials that will target not only the local market but also the foreign trade.

And since business management will be required in this line of industry, I might be enrolling a management course for me to at least know the basics of entrepreneurship. Actually, I am just planning of enrolling an online schooling to one of the most reputable institutions that give real online degrees and provide flexibility and ease of study. With that, I can earn another degree in the convenience of my own home.