Eye-Fi: The Latest Evolution of Memory Cards

Information Technology is becoming more and more advanced as days go by. There are a lot of new gadgets that are being invented and produced everyday. Who would have thought that you could save billions of bytes of data today with just a single device that is the size of your thumb? Because of memory cards, we can save photos, videos and any data coming from our cell phones, digital cameras or gaming device.

From the time the memory cards were introduced, it has gone through a lot of innovations and modifications when it comes to physical size, storage capability and compatibility.

One of the latest developments on memory cards was pioneered by Eye-Fi. It is the first memory card that is capable of Wi-Fi functionalities making wireless transfers from one device to another possible as long as you are within the Wi-Fi spot.

With Eye-Fi memory card, you can immediately upload your vacation photos from your camera to your social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter without the need to attach USB cables or card readers to your memory card. It's very convenient because it will save you time and energy plus you don't have to bring the messy cable wire connection with you always.