Finding Ways to Save Money Effectively

There is one word that I am targeting to achieve this year - SAVE. I have noticed that I did a lot of overspending lately and my savings in the bank is approaching the red level. It makes me sing of Rihanna's song, Disturbia (No more gas, in the red. Can't even get it started. Blah blah blah..)

One of my friends who's into the accounting field educated me recently and gave me tips on how to save and invest money wisely for it to become productive. She explained to me the advantages of certificate of deposit (cd), cd rates and its benefits. I have learned that banks have different promotions when it comes to cd. Most banks do sale on cd rates so the best thing to do is to conduct surveys first to make sure you'll get the most benefits.

In order for me not to experience that Rihanna dilemma, I am starting to save as early as now. What I am doing is pure discipline though there are times that I can't avoid but to spend.