Gimmepleez: A Social Network that Helps You Save

The Internet has become a gigantic community of people all over the world and is becoming bigger and even bigger. I am sure all of you are familiar with social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and many others that let you communicate with friends or anyone, anywhere around the world. If you are a fan of social networks and you feel that you just can't live a day without them, I suggest you check on Gimmepleez.


Gimmepleez is not just your ordinary social networking site because it helps you save money for the things you've been dreaming of- like those gadgets on your wishlist, your dream vacation and even your tuition fee for college! Gimmepleez is one incredible way of building a community of friends at the same time, helping each other save for the things they need.

The site is free of registration. And just like any other social networks, once you have completed your profile and uploaded your photo, all you have to do is to tell everyone what's on your wish list and invite your friends and family to help you make those dreams come to reality. I guarantee you; this will be one cool website you and your friends will surely enjoy.