LCD TV for the Valentines

I was with friends last weekend and I actually never went home for two days. Being with friends is so much fun because we barely go out together complete. It was only last weekend where our rest days from work all matched each others'. Then, one of my friends, Ron, is offering us different electronic gadgets and appliances as he is into buy and sell business. He has a lot on his list like television, DVD player, component system and kitchen appliances that will surely accessorize the household.

Since Valentines Day is near, I thought of buying a new LCD TV as a gift for my mom and to myself as well. Our old CRT TV always screws up and it already has a poor color and reception. I took home the product catalog so I will let mom help me choose among the many LCD TVS available and to at least let her feel that I really am buying the TV for her (Though at the back of my mind, I am buying it for myself. Laughs!). Anyway, I will also consult my friend on which TV is the most reliable since he's been selling them for like many years now. I will let you know soon when I already bought one. Have a great week!