Let's Go Camping!

When I was a kid, camping was my favorite outdoor activity. My friends and I then would put up a small tent on our backyard and spend the whole night there playing together and telling each other some scary stories over a candle light. I sometimes went home crying because I was too scared of my friends' stories (laughs!). I remember then, we used to borrow our window awnings at the back of the house. We use the awnings to create a tent-like shade since we don't have any real tents then.

How I wish I could do that again even though I am already grown up. It's those little memories during my childhood that I truly miss that I sometimes want to go back to being young just to experience again the happy thoughts. It may sound funny but I find myself always reminiscing about the good-old days.

To all my friends out there, come on and let's go camping! This time we can bring real tent and awnings and go to a real forest to camp. :)