My 2010 Wish List

The recent holiday break, most of us got indulged into spending too much not knowing we still have a life to live after the holidays. As for me, most of my savings, including my holiday bonus were all wiped out. Good thing, instant cash like emergency loans are readily available to at least save us by the bell.

Actually, I am set to applying a loan to help me achieve the things I am dreaming to have this 2010. First on the list is a lens upgrade for my DSLR so I can shoot complex subjects. My friends were right when they told me that Photography is a way too expensive hobby. And right now, I'm starting to realize that it's really more expensive than I thought. Anyway, as long as I'm enjoying, it doesn't matter.

Listed below are the top 10 things I am eager to achieve this 2010:

1. DSLR lens
2. Mac PC
3. New car
4. Living room furniture
5. iLasik Treatment to correct my vision
6. Travel, travel and more travel.
7. The latest iPhone
8. Camera kit accessories (tripod, lighting sets, etc.)
9. Build up my own photography studio room
10. Own business

We only live once and we should make the most out of it as the saying goes.