My Nephew is Getting a New Phone!

For most kids, the start of the year probably is the most fruitful time for them because of the aguinaldos (gift/presents, usually in cash) that they got from their godparents. When I was a kid, I used to visit my godparents and go house to house to kiss their hands and greet them a merry Christmas. That's how the Filipino Christmas tradition is celebrated - reuniting and remembering relatives and loved ones.

One of my nephews who undeniably earned a lot last Christmas knocked my door just this morning and asked me for some tips regarding which phone to buy. I got blown away when he told me that the money he will be spending on his new phone all came from his aguinaldos. Wow, I wish I can be young again (laughs).

Well, considering his budget, I advised him to have a look at the newest LG Chocolate Touch that features Dolby Mobile technology for crystal-clear sound quality. Knowing my nephew to be a techy guy, I am sure he will love this phone capable of text messaging, music, video, internet surfing and many other advanced features. That way, instead of bring a laptop, a camera and a sound device, he can just carry this sleek device and have all those gadget functions in one hand.

The newest LG Chocolate Touch is really a one cool gadget for the techy. Check it out.