My Tuesday Joy Ride Day

Before I go to bed, I decided to blog a few things of what happened with me today. Actually, I was out the whole day with friends. We went inside Clark to stroll around and drop by at duty free shops. One of my friends picked us up and asked us if we can accompany him in shopping for some accessories for his dad's big ride. When I say big, the ride literally is big because it's a pimped truck ride that they use on their quarry business here in Porac.

It's his dad's birthday next week so he thought of surprising him by buying his ride some new truck accessories for it to look more funky and ragged. He's a sweet son, isn't he? There are, in fact, a lot of auto accessories choices to choose from whether what type of ride you are in to. I got excited and actually bought some new side mirrors and wind shield stickers as well.

Sigh! I just can't help but to spend every time I'm with these guys! (Laughs)