Prioritizing Health Through Social Action

One of my New Year's resolution this 2010 is by becoming more concerned about my health. This means analyzing more carefully my food intake and my diet. Most of the foods that are available in the market today are comprised of artificial flavorings and preservatives. With our lifestyle today, even the adolescents and the young adults are no longer safe to what we knew before as "old-age diseases". In fact, I have known cases of heart attacks from ages below 30.

With this, I have found a healthy and natural product that is ideal for people who wants to stay fit the natural way. Herbalife International, Inc. is known as the world's largest seller when it comes to nutrition and weight control represented in 72 countries having a 1.9 million of independent distributors of their products. With that, the company has established Herbalife Soziales Handeln (Herbalife Social Action) that aims to help other agencies in reaching out to the unfortunate and socially disadvantaged.

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