Summer Vacation, Here We Come!!

Jaypee David in NAIA Airport heading to Boracay Island Philippines, Philippine AirlinesNow that the New Year celebration is over, I am now set to preparing for the summer vacation! Seems like holidays and vacations are just what I have in mind, don't you think? Well, to tell you honestly, YES! I have always been a mobile person and that means going to different places, traveling, photographing and shopping. I guess that's how my mechanism was designed. I would never survive a life without travelling.

And now that we're just again counting days for the summer break, what do you guys have in mind? If you would ask me, I'd give you one instant answer - the BEACH! It's been months now since I last went to the beach and I am badly missing it. The smell of the shore is inviting me and I really can't fight the lure.

Since we already tackled the vacation topic, let me tell something about one of the most visited places in California located in Los Angeles County - the Long Beach. It has an ideally moderate temperature all throughout the year as it is just near the Pacific Ocean. It is also here, where the largest shipping port in the world is located making it ideal for travelers to have their Long Beach cruise planning. And tell you what, Long Beach restaurants offering different kinds of delicacies are like mushrooms everywhere so forget about never having to find the food you want to eat.

If you want to spend quality time here in Long Beach, check on for their travel packages. There are in fact, 3-day, 4-day and 7-day itineraries that you can avail anytime of the year in which all cruises head on to Mexico. Long Beach hotels are also just around the corner so you can check in at any time. Happy cruising!