French Baker's Soup in a Bread Bowl

French Baker Soup in a Bread Bowl (SOB), SM Malls, Food Photography by Jaypee DavidMy bestest best friend reminds me every time I order this Soup in a Bread Bowl appetizer for he is someone who will not enjoy a meal without a soup. He's a big fan of SBB! He's so contagious to the point that I now, am starting to crave for a soup each meal time as well.

Soup in a Bread Bowl is one of French Baker's all-time best sellers. It is a creamy corn soup served on a bowl-like bread. And don't worry, the bread won't burst because it is thick and the crust is sealed enough to keep the soup from dripping. The order comes with a separate butter for the inside of the bread served so you can dip it up in the soup.

Oh goodness, I'm salivating while I'm writing this post! (LOL!)