Hyundai Santa Fe R Diesel Declared Eco-Friendliest on Global Green Challenge

I have always been a fan of Hyundai cars because of their unique features and functionalities that set them apart from any other car manufacturers. And on the recently concluded transcontinental Global Green Challenge, the new Hyundai Santa Fe R Diesel showcased a promising facet that is essential in today's generation to help prevent global warming and climate change.

Hyundai Santa Fe R Diesel Eco Global Green Challenge from Darwin to Adelaide Australia

The Australia challenge involved a drive test that covered a total distance of 3,147 kilometer starting from Darwin all the way to Adelaide. The new Hyundai Santa Fe R Diesel consumed only 160.46 liters of diesel during the entire challenge that lasted for seven days. It also achieved a record breaking co2 emission of 137.67 grams of CO2 per kilometer which is so overwhelming because even the other well-known hybrid car brands can barely regulate CO2 emission as low as this value.

You can actually witness and experience the Global Green Challenge on Hyundai Santa Fe's YouTube channel and watch the journey of Hyundai's one-of-a-kind ride. This highly advanced and fuel efficient car from Hyundai definitely belongs to the line of green cars that help in preserving our environment. We should all take seriously the fact that everything that we do greatly affects our mother nature.