Oh Hail iPhone!

I am quite sure you've heard about the latest buzz about the newest addition to Apple's line of 'i' series which is the iPad. Gees, the craze is all over! Anyway, I am really not that crazy of getting one as of now. First and foremost, it's because I really can't afford to spend hundreds of dollars just to get a bigger version of the iTouch. I am still not that impressed on this new iPad since it still can't multitask. That means, you can't listen to music while you do other stuff like tweeting, texting and all, and vise versa. Also, the tablet has no camera!

I would still remain faithful to the good-old iPhone because it doesn't have much difference at all compared to the iPad. Yeah, it has a big screen but it ain't portable. With iPhone, I don't have to bring any extra carrying case because I can just slip it inside my pocket whenever I am not using it. Well, this article is not intended to bash the iPad or promote the iPhone. This is just a weird random thought that instantly popped out of my mind. Anyway, I probably am just bitter because one side of me is telling me not to buy the iPad because it's just not worth my money however, the other side is polluting my mind and whispering that I should get one, join the craze and be part of the talk of the crowd.

Apple iPad Cases, iPhone silicon cases, SwitchEasy CapsuleRebel MI hate being caught in the middle. Well, just as I said, I am still an iPhone fanatic. Actually, I am planning of pimpin' mine by getting a textured skin like the SwitchEasy CapsuleRebel M iphone case that I found online. I will also save more so I can buy iphone accessories and an iphone dock so I can maximize the use of my iPhone even when I am outdoors.