Thinking of Getting a New Frame

Most of you probably do not know that I have very poor eyesight and I barely recognize people beyond 5 meters. To those who are not aware of this condition of mine would normally say that I am a snob when they see me somewhere like in the streets or in the malls. At least, now you know. I am as friendly as Casper. It's just that I probably didn't recognize you when you passed by because of my 125-125 vision.

Actually, I am planning of getting new eyeglasses frame. I am thinking of getting the retro look so I can wear it like any other fashion eyeglasses. If only I can get to avail of the frames direct promo code so I can save money when I buy eyeglasses.

For the meantime, I will just start looking for the eyeglasses of my choice and save a couple of bucks each week. Hopefully in a few weeks, I will be able to get a new frame. I am starting to feel sick on my old frame because it's heavy and stiff.