Hangin' Out with "Up with People" in Manila

Up with People Cast A in Philippines, Michael Roudebush, Kyle DeGraff, Bianca Tubolino, Paul Rush
From L-R: Michael Roudebush (Belgium), me, Kyle DeGraff (USA-MN), Bianca Tubolino (USA-NY), Paul Rush (USA-FL) and Jules.

Jamie invited us about two weeks ago to meet some of her friends from the Up with People (UWP) Cast A 2010 who had a mini mall tour at SM North Edsa. Actually, she is one of the host families of some of the UWP casts (Michael, Kyle and Paul) who will stay here in the Philippines for nearly a month.

Up with People is an organization comprised of young people from all over the world who sing and perform internationally to bring inspiration and motivation while they do community service and various activities involving the youth and the young-at-heart, worldwide. The organization aims to develop leadership and life skills of each and every cast. Each Up with People "cast" of up to 110 participants travels together to at least two continents and often to more than six countries with diverse cultural, political, and economic conditions.

The boys requested for an American dinner so we took them to Wendy's. It's been fun hangin' out with these guys! Here are some of our photos:

Up with People Cast A in Philippines
Kyle singing Jai Ho at SM North Edsa
Up with People Cast A in Philippines
UWP mall show at SM North Edsa
Up with People Cast A in Philippines
With Bianca and Jules at Wendy's
Up with People Cast A in Philippines
Bianca, the New Yorker- She's half Japanese and half Italian. But she looks Filipina!