Manila's Victims of Misfortune

Street Children in Pasay Manila, Poor Families in the Philippines, Beggars, Unfortunate PeopleI am now officially staying here in Manila. For how long? I don't know. I am with a couple of friends who took advantage of a cheap condo unit here in Pasay city. In fact, we just moved in last Monday and we're still in the process of fixing things up. Luckily, Internet connection installation is so quick here via Wi-Tribe 4G Internet of Liberty Networks that's why I was able to blog things up as it happens. :)

Yesterday, I decided to go to the grocery store to buy snacks and something to prepare for dinner. It's my first time to walk around the streets of Pasay and I am still coping up with the milieu.

While walking, I saw a young mother feeding her two kids with spaghetti leftovers (photo courtesy of my Sony Ericsson K810i camera phone). I was finally convinced that life is much different here in Manila than in the province of Pampanga. It's a fast-paced environment which leaves you no choice but to strive on your own and work harder. Everyone you meet in the streets seems like 100% of their minds are occupied with thoughts, worries and responsibilities. :(

Poor and malnourished families, especially the children are everywhere begging for food and money to people they meet. I can't believe how the government is dealing with this kind of situation. I think, the authorities should focus more into providing and promoting education to the Filipinos more importantly to the poor communities. Send everyone to school (along with a feeding program) and I am sure we will see progress in the next few years or so.