Learning the Art of Cooking and Meal Planning

learning how to cook, meal planning
Living independently makes you learn a lot of things. Yeah, I would say it's survival of the fittest. From the time I moved here in Manila, I am so proud to see myself learn many different things that I never attempted doing when I was in the province living with my family. Today is a different phase in my life. This time, I am taking the steering wheel and will try to captain my own ship.

First and foremost, I discovered that I can cook! Well, thanks to YouTube and Panlasang Pinoy's channel because I was able to watch "how to cook" videos and do the actual cooking simultaneously - and thanks to Wi-Fi and mobile streaming! I feel like I have grown more as person from the time I started living independently, and I am so darn proud of myself (taps his back :D).

And right now, aside from cooking, I am learning the art of meal planning. That is, learning how to plan my entire food and what to cook for the whole week. Because what I do is I go to the grocery store once a week and buy all the stuff that I need for a seven-day period. This is quite challenging because I am still in the "trial and error" stage wherein I have to carefully monitor my spendings so as not to waste food just because I bought way too much for the week.

Anyway, things are flowing smoothly as planned and I am not screwing things up, so far. Strength, more strength please! I need more driving force and positive pushes for me to carry on. (Laughs!)