Optimize Your Site Using the Right Web Host

If you have been in the blogosphere for quite some time now, I am sure you are well-aware for PageRank. It is a part of Google's link analysis algorithm that shows a measure of a site's relevance or relative information in the World Wide Web based on contents, back links, and many other factors.

PageRank has become a standard to webmasters and everyone seems to prioritize this issue on their SEO rituals. Well, aside from focusing on the contents of your website, one of the most important factors to consider as well is your web host. A web host has to be reliable so that each time a web spider crawls your site, you are 100% sure that your host is always up and there should be no downtime as much as possible.


Nexx, one of the leading providers of web hosting and domain name services in the web understands the importance of a website's high performance to search engines. In fact, they rebranded their web hosting platform as an improvement. right now, they are running a promotion hand in hand with the launching of their newly designed platform. For just $10 for the first year, you will be eligible for an Unlimited Web Hosting package with exceptional services like unlimited diskspace, bandwitdh and email, 24-hour full customer support, $50 Google Adwords credits, $50 Facebook Ads credits and many more.