The Search for Jacques D'Azur

The ever famous "Legend of Cannes" Jacques D'Azur is reportedly missing. News has it that he disappeared while having a vacation in his yacht in a sea near Tahiti. Now 70 years old, he has become a significant part of the French Film industry as he became popular because of the many movie roles he portrayed which left big marks in the hearts of everyone. He was even tagged as the "God among men" and the "movie star of the movie stars" because of the one-of-a-kind charisma he has in the world of show business during his time.

As of the moment, the search is on to find the whereabouts of the legendary Jacques D'Azur. Stella Artois 4% is extensively helping out for his immediate recovery. They even brought up a website that aims to spread awareness about this issue.

Let us all participate and help in finding the Legend of Cannes. Please spread the news by creating a buzz about this concern on your blog. While not everyone will be able to help out in finding Jacques D'Azur, your prayers are still very powerful and they can make a change. Watch the video presentation below to know more about Jacques D'Azur.