On Fridge Magnets and Souvenir Shopping

Summer is still around the corner and I am so eager to jump off and dive in the beach. Too bad I am busy with my studies now that's why I can't find much time to arrange a beach break with my friends in the province. I really miss the smell of warm air and the sound of the waves. And most especially, I miss the white sand of Boracay!

It's been a year since we last went there and I feel that my body is itching to go there again. I want to buy Boracay souvenirs and handicrafts because the last time we were there, I never had the chance to go around the souvenir shops to buy stuff because to tell you honestly, I forgot it because I was too busy sun bathing and lavishing the white sand! What I got were just hand-made fridge magnets and a Boracay shirt.

Speaking of refrigerator magnets, my friend recommended me this site that sells many different kinds of magnets- they have save the date magnets, photos, calendars and many other variants. You might want to check on the site if you want to buy magnets for your fridge. They can be of good souvenir items as well.

The next time I step into the sand of Boracay, I will make sure that shopping for souvenirs will be one of my top priorities.