What's Your Favorite Tee?

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Different t-shirt designs about humor and patriotism are becoming so popular today. It's fun to see people wearing these funny t-shirts because you can't help but read or look to the design. Here in our country, the three stars and a sun concept by the late Master Rapper, Francis Magalona is the crowd's favorite tee.

Also, some of the most popular designs today are the funny one-liner jokes and cartoonized celebrities with funny faces. I noticed that humor is mostly the common theme that t-shirt designers produce. I guess this is one way for people to deal with stress and fatigue.

T-shirts for sports fanatics are also best sellers because fans usually wear them during the game of their favorite teams. There is actually a large pool of t-shirts online that offers a wide array of themes like FIFA t-shirts and ESPN Soccer memorabilia for sports enthusiasts. Check them out.