WeReward Gives Cash Rewards for Check-ins

I have been doing business with IZEA for quite a while now and it made blogging an enjoyable thing. Well, aside from being able to tell your stories to anyone around the world, you also get to receive perks and rewards for writing an honest opinion. For your information, just a few months ago, I received a couple of freebies from them (tshirt, candy mints and stickers) just by participating to one of their contests.


IZEA aims to monetize everything in the social media like blogging, tweeting and being the latest which is WeReward. WeReward is a downloadable social media application for the iPhones that pays back every time a user checks in to local businesses and enterprises. Whenever you use the application in checking in to businesses, you get to earn points. Each point is equivalent to a penny. You also get to earn points though tasks completed and referrals.

Earning while you enjoy the luxury of time is made possible by WeReward.com. All you need is your iPhone, the WeReward application downloadable via iTunes, a social networking account like Facebook and Twitter which you need to link in to the application and of course, a PayPal account to get your earnings. Download the App now and be a part of this cool mobile experience!