Philippines: Defying Poverty

There comes a point in our lives where we feel as if the world is crushing down on us and the only choice that we have is either to give up or to get up and continue walking. If only we have superhuman powers like superman or batman, then we can make this world become a little less complicated, right? What if we were given the chance to possess supernatural powers and abilities? Do you think we could become happier and more contented? I have no idea.

jaypee david, jaytography, enjayneer, divisoria, photowalk, nikon d3000, poverty

We know for a fact that our country, the Philippines is a land full of poor souls and hopeless spirits. And if you think you have the biggest problem in the world, shame on you, look to the streets where you frequently walk. Observe the sides of the malls you endlessly shop at, and ask yourself if you are being fair enough when you get depressed not having to buy the latest cellphones, expensive signature clothes, that dream car or luxury vacation you've always longed for. Would you even consider these as problems, knowing that there are starving kids in every corner of your city? Well, I'm not trying to sound saintly here because I myself am guilty with this. Actually, I squeezed inspiration within me that's why I was able to write this post.

jaypee david, jaytography, enjayneer, divisoria, photowalk, nikon d3000, poverty

The tentacles of poverty and ignorance in our country, sad to say, is quite challenging and almost impossible to extinguish unless a human messiah who has the answers to all our needs will lead our country.

What we can do to at least help our country in recovering with its misfortunes and hardships is by grabbing every opportunity that's within our reach which can lead us in being better and better each day. Ignorance is not an excuse. It will not get you anywhere or save you from anything. Remember that you hold the steering wheel of your own life: take the right lane and make u-turns if necessary.

Here's a slide presentation of the photoshoot project that I did a week ago at Divisoria in Manila titled: Different Faces of Divisoria. The full album can be viewed on my Facebook account.