Beware of Rich Vincent C. Arocena. Secure Your Photos

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A certain Rich Vincent C. Arocena who is also from the Philippines caught my attention today. Mr. Arocena used two of my photos for a contest which is run by the National Geographic Channel Asia. He removed/cropped my watermarked name on the photos. Mr. Arocena never asked for permission regarding the use of my photos and he even claimed them as his. Good thing I was able to get a screenshot of his Facebook post before he even managed to remove it.
I believe that this bad behavior of Rich Vincent C. Arocena should be given proper actions. And I demand a sincere apology! We are ready to file formal legal complaints against Mr. Arocena but we would like to seek legal advices first before we proceed.

Here are two of my photos that he used without my permission and claimed them as his shots.