"Manila in 30 Images" Project with YoPho!

Last week, Young Photographers Philippines or YoPho arranged a photo bonding for its members and also as a chance to get to know everyone especially the new recruits. The event was titled: "Manila in 30 Images". Basically, it was a tour around Manila and all you have to do is to just shoot at anything or anyone in which you can better represent the city (and its history) through the years. I came in a little late since I had to work in the morning and unfortunately I wasn't able to complete all 30 images required - ONLY THREE! Not bad! Haha.

Anyway, aside from the hoopla of shooting and exploring the city, I had fun (pure fun!!) spending time with these guys (as always) and I am not saying this to add icing to the cake and to encourage more people to join the group. Well, if you really want to experience the fun of being with YoPho, walk with us, laugh with us and more importantly, SING WITH US! Here are some photos: