Pochero sa Abuhan: Cebu's Wonder Bulalo

I know guys, I know. Easy! The title might seem a little confusing. The same thing happened to me the first time I went to Cebu and heard of this. But I'm warning you: get your bibs ready because you will drool big time while reading this post.

Apparently, what most of us know as Bulalo (Beef Bone Marrow and Vegetable Soup) is called Pochero in Cebu which is a totally different dish for us from the North. Well we don't have to argue on this. They call it Pochero in Cebu. Period. :) In fact, according to my friend who was born and raised there, his mom doesn't even know what Bulalo is. Weird! Haha.

Well, speaking of Pochero (or Bulalo), there is this very popular restaurant in Cebu that serves the best Bulalo down south. Abuhan Restaurant has been the pit stop for hungry stomachs for almost 30 years now. It appears that Pochero has already become a word synonymous to Abuhan because it is their best-seller and they have been known all over Cebu for this. Aside from Pochero, they also serve a lot of kick-ass Filipino dishes.

For some reason, Abuhan's Pochero is cooked perfectly than perfect as if it has been prepared by the gods (LOL) because the beef is so tender, and before you know it, all that's left is nothing but bones (I call them tosang bones, by the way. Haha). To describe it best in Tagalog, I must say that the food is "Simot Sarap". If you have been to Cebu before, I'm sure Abuhan was one of the first places that your "Best in Tourism" friends have recommended. Haha! If not, boy, you just missed half of your life! Well, at least you can go here the next time you visit Cebu.
Abuhan Dos
Address: 176 F. Ramos Street, Cebu City (near Robinsons Mall)
Phone: (032) 253 5774
Fax no: +63(032) 253-1883
Open 24 Hours

Here's a candid video of us while we were eating inside Abuhan.